Business Activity Permits


Want to hire someone to provide a service at the Waterfront? 

If you would like to find someone to service your vessel or take you out on a fishing charter, you want to make sure they have an active Business Activity Permit (BAP). You can find the current list by clicking on the following link, which is updated monthly.

Want to do business at the Waterfront? 

If you have a business service you wish to offer to the Harbor community, you need to get a BAP. BAPs are issued by the Waterfront and are required before conducting or engaging in any business or commercial activity of any kind (SBMC 17.28.010). All applications are reviewed before approval and issuance of a permit.

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Business Activity Permit Rates
  Rate Insurance Required
($1 Million Policy)
Renewal Date
BAP Service $20.00/ year Yes By August 1
BAP Charter $250.00/ year Yes By August 1
BAP Late Renewal $25.00 NA After August 1